I promised I’d keep you posted about where I’m headed, post-Facebook.

I’m loving Mastodon and I totally think you should join me there — it’s a great platform, actually. Here’s a guide to using Mastodon, or check out Mastodon’s own little video (click “how it works” on Mastodon’s main page). If you set yourself up there, I’m, so follow me! (You can see me here.)

I’ve got Vero on my phone but I haven’t played with it as much. If you want to try Vero, just search for “Vero” in your App Store or Google Play store (it’s only for phones, not laptops) — there’s a quick video here if you want to see what Vero’s all about. I’m “Lauren Marie” on Vero.

You might ask why I’m not using my Twitter account. Two reasons: One, Twitter enabled Russian bots like crazy, during the 2016 election and beyond. And two, Twitter is not a safe or healthy place for people of color, LGBTQ people, or women. In fact, Amnesty International just released a report calling Twitter a site of abuse for women worldwide. Twitter doesn’t seem to care, either, so — fuck that shit. I’m not here for that.

And lastly, I stumbled across a piece about leaving Facebook that is far more inspiring and smart than the one I wrote. From the piece: “The primary value of a boycott in this case is not mere protest to damage Facebook, but to invent what life can be like today without the social network. A deleter must reconsider how she holds her social life together. She will therefore rethink what a social life is.” Yes! Go, read what Jaron Lanier has to say. You won’t be sorry.

Don’t you want to participate in the creation of a new, post-Facebook, online-social world? Come join me: be an inventor! Be a pioneer!

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