Tiny currant tomatoes!
On our way to becoming pickles!

There is always so much to do in the fall. We’ve dug potatoes, we’ve harvested the beans we let dry on the stalks. We used the last of the grass clippings to mulch in the surviving cabbages. We processed our apples for days. Our apple cider is amazing! I’ve got five gallons of hard cider brewing now, too. It’s bubbling away happily in its giant bucket.

But possibly my favorite harvesting chore this fall was making these awesome pickled tomatoes. These currant tomatoes just re-seed themselves all over the garden, so they’re all over the place. We had so many this year. They’re fussy to pick, but they’re so sweet and good — I just couldn’t let the harvest go to waste. I found a recipe to pickle them, but it called for rosemary and we didn’t have any in the garden. (This is  my fault; I thought I was buying little rosemary plants, but I bought lavender instead. Oops.) Thankfully, though, the very awesome Breezy Hill Farms just up the road from us had rosemary — they picked a bunch especially for me! So I got home, put the tomatoes in jars with garlic and the rosemary and vinegar and processed them in the boiling water bath. It was super easy. I can’t wait to taste them!


Molly and I are about to leave for an extended getaway, and so we’re in a rush to get the garden ready for our absence. Molly planted beets, Chinese cabbage, daikon radishes, kale and broccoli so we’d have a winter garden to come home to. The peas we’d harvested earlier have re-seeded themselves, we discovered, so we’ll have a second crop of those in late fall if we are lucky.

We are sad to see our tomatoes aren’t quite ripe yet. Looks like they’ll mostly ripen while we’re away. We hope we’ll have enough to make some pasta sauce and my favorite canned tomatoes when we get back. We’ve harvested onions, garlic, zucchini and cucumbers recently, but our tomato crop just isn’t cooperating with our schedule…

Enjoy the pictures, and enjoy what’s left of summer! It goes so fast.