I’m Lauren. I just finished my MFA in creative writing. I have a messy draft of a novel titled Glow, which may or may not be a love story about a gay doomsday prepper, some out-of-control nanobots and a pack of killer coyotes. I’m also occasionally working on a collection of prose poems.

Besides writing, I do lots of crafty things — usually using repurposed thrift shop clothes or other recycled items. The thing I do that pays the bills is sell a high-end cosmetics line at a department store, which I enjoy doing despite the job’s conflicts with my feminism and my queerness. Otherwise, I’m trying to work more activism into my life. I’ve got a project in the planning stages that will likely involve some guerrilla gardening and butterfly-friendly seed distribution. I love gardening and generally being outside when it’s not winter. I live on a farm in Ohio with my partner Molly, a pitbull named Lola, and an assortment of black cats. I have three awesome children.

I can be found over at Etsy or on Pinterest, or I can be followed on tumblr.

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