So, I have my first publication up at Hobart. Currently it’s sitting on the home page (!) but its permalink is here.

Of course, I’m super excited. I love Hobart! I’m finally published! These are amazing things to consider.

I wanted to write a few words about my name. Those of you who know me in real life know my last name isn’t Capet. I will be publishing under the name Lauren Capet. For a whole host of reasons, it’s not right for me to publish under my other last name. Let’s just say, a different name affords some anonymity and some distance between real (complicated) life and the things I write. I’m sure my children will thank me.

If you’re wondering where Capet came from, it’s the name French revolutionaries gave to Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI when they were stripped of their royal titles. (For those of you who don’t know: I’ve got somewhat of a Marie Antoinette obsession.)

But anyway, visit (and support) Hobart — it’s a great site and a fantastic print journal. I’m honored to be there.